The Game

Generally, names like Brazil, Argentina or Spain (the world champion and number 1) will scare any Country if you had to play any of their national football teams. Does that make these teams unbeatable? No. But how will you know unless you play them?

That describes some of the challenges we will face. The name of some issues alone will make you throw in the towel before you even start to train for the match. But the truth is that some of these challenges are “deafeatable” while others can be better managed provided we seek out the right details.

Many times, we raise our hands up in defeat even before playing the game. “I do not have the right education”. “I am a woman”. “It is not meant for people like me”. “I do not look the part”. The list goes on and on.

Only God know who the 44th president of the United States would have been if Barack Hussein Obama did not run for president because of his skin colour, his name and the fact that people like Rev Jesse Jackson and Rev Al Sharpton had tried but did not win.

Imagine Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic giving up on Tennis because of the “Roger Federers” and the “Rafael Nadals”. Who would have thought Djokovic would beat Nadal and Federer to take the first place on the ATP Ranking?

Before Nadal and Federer, some other people dominated the tennis scene. 10 years from now, the big names in tennis may not even be any of the 4 mentioned above.

How do you go from a nobody to being number 1? You have to join the competition and keep playing, probably loosing at first till you start your own winning streak.

The “game” or “competition”  varies for different people. For someone, it is asking out that lady that you can not imagine will say yes. For another it is putting in an application. For someone else, it is taking on that new challenge.

While I do not know what your game is, these I know for sure:

You can only win/lose a game if you play it.

You won’t know if you will win or lose unless you get on the field and play.

I am not saying you will always win, however, loosing sometimes teaches us the way to win. A child crawls, stands and falls down, before learning to walk and then how to run…..

Seek new and better information. Try out different approaches. Ask for help. By all means keep at it and it is only a matter of time.

So go out there and play the game.