The price of Beauty

I had goals and plans for the future, I felt I had it all worked out, but out of the blues, I felt my life crashing down. It looked like my world was crumbling and there was nothing I could do about it. I watched as everything seemed to slip away and I was tempted to ask if life was worth living at all. Then I remembered my sister…

My sister loves to bake and would often make cakes and other pastries for the family and for parties. Whenever it was time to bake, she would bring together the necessary ingredients: flour, egg, sugar, milk, flavour, colouring, etc.

She would start off with the flour, egg and sugar, mixing them thoroughly until she had a fine consistency – if any of them could talk, I am sure they would feel like screaming, going by the stress, rigour and discomfort they were going through in her hands. She then adds the other items and mixes them some more until she is satisfied with the mixture.

As if the discomfort during mixing was not enough, she would then place the mixture/dough in a very hot oven. When baked, she brings out the cake and proceeds to decorate it, producing a very beautiful piece. Everybody who saw the cake would say whoa! This is lovely, even before tasting it. The cake then goes on to get more attention at the party than the attendees, as it gets photographed and complimented more.

The ingredients (flour, sugar etc) that were uncomfortable and complaining bitterly initially, suddenly started smiling and waving at every one and the cameras.

The flour on it’s own is not edible, sugar on it’s own can be dangerous (where used in excess), eggs on their own … well, I can only think of frying or boiling… but when they are all mixed together, they complement one another and the outcome is great and exceptional.


Are you presently feeling dejected, neglected, unsure of the future and angry at God? Are you asking the questions: “Why me? Why is this happening to me? Am I the only one? Why am I so unlucky? Can this be happening to me? Is there a God out there?”

Whatever you are going through now is just a piece of the puzzle and an item included in the process just like the components of the cake. You may not fully understand the events of the moment but as long as you trust in God and follow Him, He is sure to make a master piece out of you. He can take the different unpleasant experiences of your life and make them all into a beauty to behold. Your day is coming!