It was meant to be easy…

There was this small patch of mould at the edge of the bathtub. I tried most of the bathroom cleaning products I could find. I would usually apply the products and use brush to scrub the area. In all honest, the cleaning products were not fighting the mould but they were making the bathroom cleaner.

Out of frustration, I decided to go to Google for help: I searched for mould removing products and found several. I then started reading the reviews on each till I found one that had good reviews everywhere I checked – also it was more expensive.

I set out to get the product but discovered several stores did not have it. After a few visits, I finally managed to get it in one of the stores. I followed the instruction – which was: “Apply it and rinse the area.” For someone that had scrubbed and scrubbed, to apply and rinse the area sounded funny but I obeyed.

To my surprise, the mould area shrunk after the first application, I repeated the application and it has been almost 6 months now that we said bye bye to mould patches.

This is just one example of the lesson I am learning – “Nothing is meant to be difficult”. I did not say it will not require effort but the effort will be result producing one – life was not meant to be difficult.

If it is difficult, it could be that

  • You are using the wrong products/tools like I was doing and scrubbing away
  • You are not aware of the right solution
  • You are not being objective to accept that what you have done till date is not working and something needs to change
  • You are refusing to get help/advise

Whatever you may be doing that seems to be difficult, learn to step back and ask:

  • Am I doing it the right way?
  • Am I using the right tools/products?

God designed life to be easy as long as we follow the right instructions.

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