Tribute to Jim Rohn

One of the people that started me out on the road to personal development and improvement was Jim Rohn. I was particularly drawn to him because his messages were simple and you did not have to be a genius to know that what he was saying made absolute sense.

His seminars and books have had so much influence on me and I will like to share a few of the lessons, quotes and profound statements as taught by the greatest business philosopher.

  • When the promise is clear, the price is easy
  • A few things are responsible for the most result, find the few and spend most time on them
  • We get paid for bringing value to the market place
  • One discipline always leads to another discipline
  • Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune
  • Success is a few disciplines practised everyday; while failure is a few errors in judgement repeated everyday.
  • Success is what you attract by the person you become
  • If you will change, everything will change
  • Work harder on yourself than you do on your job Think and act on these thoughts.

These philosophy has transformed my life and I will certainly recommend any of his materials (books, tapes and CDs) to anyone seeking for fulfillment and development in any and every area of his/her life.

Maximise your Weakness

There was once a 10 year-old boy who decided to study judo despite having lost his left arm in a terrible auto accident. He registered with an old Japanese judo master and started his lessons.

The boy was doing well in his training, and so he couldn’t understand why after three months, the master had taught him only one move.

“Master”, the boy said finally, “shouldn’t I be learning more moves?”

“This is the only move you know, but it is the only move you’ll ever need to
know,” the master replied.  Not quite understanding, but believing in the teacher, the boy kept training.

Several months later, the master took the boy to his first tournament, where he easily won his first two matches. The third match was more difficult. However, after some time, his opponent became impatient and the boy was able to use his one move to win the match. He was quite amazed at the fact that he was now in the finals in spite of having mastered just one move.


The day for the final of the tournament came and this time his opponent was bigger, stronger and more experienced. For a while, the boy appeared to be overmatched. Concerned that the boy might be hurt, the referee called for a time-out. He was about to stop the match when the master intervened. No, “he said, let them continue.”

Soon after the match resumed, the opponent made a critical mistake; he dropped his guard. Instantly, the boy used his move to pin his opponent down. He won the match and the tournament. He was the champion!

On the way home, the boy and the master reviewed every move in each match. Then the boy summoned the courage to ask what was really on his mind. “Master, how did I win the tournament with only one move?”

“You won for two reasons,” the master answered. “First, you’ve mastered one of the most difficult throws in all of judo. And second, the only known defence for that move is for your opponent to grab your left arm.”

The boy’s biggest weakness turned out to be his biggest strength after all.

We all have weaknesses. Those same weaknesses, put in the right perspective, and properly channelled, could become strengths.

Maximise your weakness.

What is Stopping You?

Hello everyone, it has been a while! Hope you had a great weekend – mine was full of sunshine. Today’s post is specially dedicated to you – yes, YOU…Let’s go on a brief journey of imagination, shall we?

I am yet to see a successful business man who did not fail at some point…
It may interest you to know that all the good and experienced drivers once stalled the engine while  learning to drive…
The great public speaker once had a fear of crowds…
Come to think of it, we all fell down a few times while learning to walk – or didn’t you?

The list goes on and on but the truth is that we will never overcome or
be successful at what we run away from
. Until we start on something, we never realise our potential in that area of life.

I bet there are some things you have put away for certain reasons; things you have left uncompleted for quite a while and now, you seem no longer interested in them…There may be qualifications (or other things) that you have always wished to achieve and/or have, but you never really pursued them.

The question now is “What is stopping you?”

You can only get better if, and only if, you start on that project…if for any reason you fail the first time, then at least, you have suceeded in learning what will not work, and you are already better positioned than the person who never tried.

START NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Great Battle

The Sun and the Wind once had a dispute over which of the two was greater, while arguing, they suddenly saw a man walking across an open field. The man had with him: a newspaper, his briefcase and coat – which he was wearing. They felt the man was a good opportunity for them to test their strengths, so they agreed that whoever was able to make the man take off his coat within 30 minutes wins.

The wind felt this was no big deal and opted to go first, to which the sun gladly agreed and off the wind went. It started blowing, gently at first, and then blew stronger and stronger but it could not get the man to remove his coat. Instead, the man was holding tightly to his paper, briefcase and coat. After some time, the wind became very angry at what the man was doing, so it decided to blow real strong. The more furious the wind became, the more forcefully it blew; but the more it blew forcefully, the more the man wrapped his coat around himself.

After 30 minutes of trying all sorts of wind speeds and varying wind directions, it was unable to get the man to remove his coat; it was time for the sun to try.

The sun decided to shine with a loving and joyful smile at the man and almost immediately, the man took off his coat.

The sun won the challenge!

LESSON: What force, fury and anger will not achieve can be achieved with love, joy, smile, patience and care.

Imbibe these virtues and see the difference they make…

Great week.

Shake off the Dust…Don’t Give Up!

A farmer had a donkey that he was very fond of; the donkey had served him faithfully for years and was very precious to him. As the donkey grew older, the farmer would allow it to go around the farm unaccompanied and it would return to the barn after some time.

The donkey went out one morning and had not returned by noon – which was very unusual. The farmer was uncomfortable and decided to look for the donkey; as he moved around the farm, he heard a noise from one of the pits located at the far end of the farm. On getting to the pit, he saw that the donkey had fallen into the pit and was struggling to come out. It was crying and wailing, seeking for help.

The farmer called his sons and they tried to lift the donkey from the pit using ropes but it was too heavy. Neighbours came along to help get the donkey out but all to no avail. The more they tried, the more tired everyone including the donkey became. It was probably going to take a crane or the aid of a chopper to get the big old donkey out of the pit, but they could not afford either.

After trying all they could, they finally decided that burying the donkey was the viable option… the farmer could no longer stand the anguish and pain it was going through. The earth from the pit was still close by so they all grabbed shovels and started throwing earth back into the pit. As they started the process, the cry became louder but then the donkey became quiet and everyone felt it was due to tiredness.

One of the farmer’s sons wanted to see what was happening and was shocked by what he saw when he looked into the pit. As each load of earth thrown into the pit landed on the donkey’s back, it would shake it off and then step on the sand. Thus, it was moving up the pit. When the son told the farmer about the development, they all started throwing in the earth with renewed enthusiasm and the donkey was lifted by every shovel of earth, before long, the donkey simply walked out of the pit.

The farmer was so glad to have his reliable old donkey back…

How often do we give up when things are not going our way? Other times, we resign to fate instead of pushing just a little more. Like the donkey in the story, we need to learn to shake off disappointments, failures and problems, and not dwell too long on them.

It is also interesting to note that what was meant to bury the donkey, lifted it out of its predicament! That ugly situation will only get the better of you if you allow it to. No problem is as bad as it appears. Something good can still come out of that mess.

Your attitude to your problem is more important than the problem itself. It is what you make out of your situation that counts. If others have given up on you, do not give up on yourself.

Shake off the dust…don’t give up!


Job cuts, job losses, earthquakes, share price plunge, plane crashes, ship hijacked by pirates etc are the latest in town. It is almost impossible to listen to the radio, watch the TV or read the news without these captions jumping at us.

Where is the world going and what exactly is happening? These and other questions are top on people’s minds. It looks like the headlines have shifted from coups, hunger, wars in Africa to Global meltdown, credit crunch and recession. The attention seems to have shifted to the West.

But these were the Economies and Countries that had/have a working and trusted system, so what happened? If the trusted systems are failing and the stable economies are becoming unstable, what are we to expect in the coming months? Analysts are not even sure again, some say, the recession will continue, others are saying there is a turn around for the better.

As if all the above were not bad enough, developing Countries are now targets of terrorist attacks…amazing! I used to think that only developed Countries were targets – how times change. It is increasingly becoming difficult to predict which place is safe and which is not.

I grew up thinking earthquakes only happened in the East, but even Europe is no longer exempt. Now a whole plane is missing and the number of aviation mysteries seems to have just increase by one. May God comfort the families of the passengers.

I am not in anyway magnifying or reminding you (as if you did not know) about the current happenings. Rather, this is a wake up call for us all to know that things will not always be the way they have been. The order is changing and the world is changing so fast that we need a grip less we fall. Times like this call for sober reflection.

In who or what do you trust? Where does your confidence and safety lie? What is your hope? In the midst of all of these, remember: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” We often pray and hope that God will save us from trouble and keep problems from us, but God is sovereign. Sometimes, He keeps the trouble away, at other times, He saves us IN the trouble. In the days of the disciples, He could have prevented the storm but He saved them IN the storm.

Be still and know that He is God…

The price of Beauty

I had goals and plans for the future, I felt I had it all worked out, but out of the blues, I felt my life crashing down. It looked like my world was crumbling and there was nothing I could do about it. I watched as everything seemed to slip away and I was tempted to ask if life was worth living at all. Then I remembered my sister…

My sister loves to bake and would often make cakes and other pastries for the family and for parties. Whenever it was time to bake, she would bring together the necessary ingredients: flour, egg, sugar, milk, flavour, colouring, etc.

She would start off with the flour, egg and sugar, mixing them thoroughly until she had a fine consistency – if any of them could talk, I am sure they would feel like screaming, going by the stress, rigour and discomfort they were going through in her hands. She then adds the other items and mixes them some more until she is satisfied with the mixture.

As if the discomfort during mixing was not enough, she would then place the mixture/dough in a very hot oven. When baked, she brings out the cake and proceeds to decorate it, producing a very beautiful piece. Everybody who saw the cake would say whoa! This is lovely, even before tasting it. The cake then goes on to get more attention at the party than the attendees, as it gets photographed and complimented more.

The ingredients (flour, sugar etc) that were uncomfortable and complaining bitterly initially, suddenly started smiling and waving at every one and the cameras.

The flour on it’s own is not edible, sugar on it’s own can be dangerous (where used in excess), eggs on their own … well, I can only think of frying or boiling… but when they are all mixed together, they complement one another and the outcome is great and exceptional.


Are you presently feeling dejected, neglected, unsure of the future and angry at God? Are you asking the questions: “Why me? Why is this happening to me? Am I the only one? Why am I so unlucky? Can this be happening to me? Is there a God out there?”

Whatever you are going through now is just a piece of the puzzle and an item included in the process just like the components of the cake. You may not fully understand the events of the moment but as long as you trust in God and follow Him, He is sure to make a master piece out of you. He can take the different unpleasant experiences of your life and make them all into a beauty to behold. Your day is coming!

Are you a Good Driver?

Every car is fitted with a rear view mirror and 2 side mirrors, have you ever wondered why? The rear view mirror gives the driver a view of his rear and the side mirrors complement the work of the rear-view mirror. Every car has its rear view mirror located in the centre of the windshield, and the mirror is sized to prevent obstructing the drivers front view but big enough to capture everything happening behind him through the “eye” of the rear windscreen.

Let us imagine for a moment, cars without rear-view mirrors, how convenient will it be to driver cars? How will the driver know what is happening behind the car? How will the driver be able to drive and manoeuvre the car effectively?

Can you imagine what will happen to a car that is going forward but the driver has chosen to turn his head and look through the rear windscreen as he moves forward? Disaster!


As amazing as this illustration may sound, that is what a lot of people actually do with their lives! They are moving forward, thriving and making progress but have their heads turned around, looking back.

While some are wallowing in regret, self pity, shame, disappointment, devastation and despair, others are glued to their past success, achievements and awards. When you hold on tight to the past, whether it was a positive or negative experience, you are like the driver described above.

The past should only be a form of reference (rear view mirror) and not your focus (looking into the rear windscreen). A good driver looks into the rear view mirror regularly but is not looking back while driving forward. We all have issues, situations, events and occurrences that whenever we remember, cause us grief, sorrow, regrets, or joy, and gladness.

However, if it is true that you can not succeed in going forward by looking backward, then it is time for us to become good drivers. Break away from your past (if negative), don’t dwell too long on past successes… move on!

Where have they all gone?

kids photot

I called my uncle over the weekend and his daughter picked up the phone. Our conversation went thus:

Me: “Hello”

Cousin: “Hello, who am I speaking with?”

Me: “My name is Seye”

Cousin: “Hello Uncle, how are you?”

Me: “Am great, how are you and your sisters?”

Cousin: “They are fine, do you want to speak with anybody?”

Me: “Yes, I ‘ll like to speak with Dad” – my uncle

By this time, she was close to her dad and gave him the phone. While the phone was in transit, I could hear him say: “No, he does not want to speak with anybody”.

As I spoke with my uncle who was laughing about what his daughter had just done, asking if I wanted to speak with anybody…(so why was I calling?), I told him about a similar experience I had about 25 years ago…

My older cousin was in the room when the land phone rang and it was his call. I went to tell him the call was for him and he said I should tell the caller he was sleeping. Can you guess what I did? I went back to the phone and said: “He said he is sleeping!”

The two stories show the innocence and transparency of kids. They are very uncomplicated about life. They take it easy and keep it simple. As we grow older, we seem to loose all these traits (innocence, simplicity etc). Why? Where have they all gone?

What do you think?

…on your way to where you are going

When I was less than 10, I used to envy my uncles, aunts and siblings. It looked like they had it all; at least they could afford to buy me biscuits, “suya” (Nigerian barbeque), drinks, and take me out. It was a good time whenever my elder brother came home.

How I wished I was all grown up like them so I could also have what they had. I loved the fact that they drove, went out without mom or dad being with them, and I liked the freedom they had.

I could not wait to get out of primary school and into secondary school and even when I got into secondary school, my eyes were on moving on to the University. It was not any different in the university as my eyes were on life after university.

This showed me that we are usually in a hurry; we want to move from our present phase to the next one…the grass always seems to be greener on the other side and we usually forget to enjoy the green on our side of the fence.

In our bid and longing for the next this, and the next that, we sometimes fail to enjoy the present. This message is for everyone who fails to pause and savour the pleasure of the moment, those who feel there is nothing to hope for or live for, and those who believe that their situation is the worst.

I discovered that when you live your life as described above, you seem to be less grateful, and feel miserable that you don’t have this or don’t have that – forgetting to count your blessings. You seem oblivious of what is working in your life and are more conscious of what seems not to be working.

If you find yourself trapped in the chain of “only the next this and the next that”, learn to take a break and savour the moment…Like Joyce Meyer said; “Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going”. Life is a journey, so take it in your stride – this is not to say you should be complacent, but to enjoy the experience along the way.

Pause and enjoy where you are and what is working in your life. All cannot, and will never be bad at the same time; there must be something working, good, enjoyable, etc. about your present state. The challenges and difficulties of today will pass away at some point, what will they leave you with? Will you be bitter or better?

I wish I hadn’t focused more on what I did not have and things that were out of my reach, but instead focused more on what I did have at the time!

Now that I have some of the things I once longed for, sometimes I secretly wish for those other days and times when I was not responsible for the bills or anything, but just woke up, ate and slept…those times are gone and there is nothing I can do about them. No point wishing I had enjoyed those days more than I did as it does not change anything!

All I have is today and tomorrow and I have got to make the best use of my NOW.

When I realised this concept, I decided I was going to enjoy where I am now, on the way to where I am going. I am still working on myself but felt like sharing this story so we could all learn to enjoy our lives.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Sam Adeyemi: “When you have what you want, will you want what you have?”