On Friday the 16th of November, 2001, I sent a mail to a few friends with the topic: Die Empty Series introduction…. I had (and still have) a passion to see people live above mediocrity, rise up and be who they were born to be. My great dissastisfaction with average living and my passion for change, influenced the choice of name – Die Empty Series. I kept sending out the weekly mails until July 18, 2002, when we started a yahoogroup.

The group introduction reads: “This group is all about provoking one another to bring out the best in every member. This is because the graveyard is known to be the richest place, where you have a lot of unwritten books, untapped potentials, ideas that were never implemented, dreams that never came to pass, songs that were never written and a lot of other things that the world could have benefitted from but never did”.

In March, 2009, I decided to graduate from the yahoogroup to a blog….I believe this will be an avenue to share my thoughts, ideas and passion about dying empty with a much wider audience.

Please bookmark this site, and keep returning for more refreshing, motivating, inspiring, challenging and encouraging posts.

… a little about me… I am a christian, married to the most beautiful, charming and wonderful woman in the world! I love God and desire to see His kingdom come!

3 thoughts on “Intro

  1. y did it take you so long to start doing this…??? good stuffs….cute stories….. sensitively told………am encouraged….. think its time i get my groove on…….

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