More Energy

For the very first time, I am publishing 2 posts not in a month, not even a week but the same day…

My wife and I are on a journey the next couple of days. From the South west to the North east, and then on to Glasgow for my brother-in-law’s graduation – small family reunion…

I just completed about 400 miles (640km) of driving – around 7 hours in total (in those days, it would only have taken about 5 – 6 hours…learnt to take it easy as a family man), and there is another 200 miles (3 hours) to go tomorrow – thankfully, I won’t be doing tomorrow’s driving!

I woke up early and could not go back to sleep, so I sorted out the items I would need for the next couple of days and prepared for the days work. I then completed the last post which was a few days due already.

Why did I wake up early and why could I not go back to sleep?

The answer is – I had so much to do today. I recognised that I was on a long drive. For some reason that I still I can not explain, I find this happening to me most times that I have a long day ahead.

Something kicks in in my system that infuses me with strength and energy. After the first 100 miles, I was not tired at all, as there were still 300 miles to go. Even after 200 miles, it was as if the journey was just starting!

This makes me remember, special days in my life e.g. my first day in the University, the first time I was travelling out of my country, and of course my wedding day.

The common theme to most of such days is that there was so much to do. I end up sleeping late on the previous day(s) and yet waking up early – full of energy and drive to go on on the d-day.

On the contrary, the days I do not have much to do, to even drive a mile is such a big do and a big problem. I am usually more tired on holidays than on days that there was much to do.

It just goes to show that the reason we are tired and weary is probably because we do not have much ahead of us – so there is no need for the body to supply any energy not to talk of extra energy. To have more energy, maybe we need to make big plans…


2 thoughts on “More Energy

  1. “I am usually more tired on holidays than on days that there was much to do.”…LOL!!!

    Your conclusion is exactly what I was going to say in response to this post…and based on that, I guess I need to make me some really big plans…

  2. You exposed a deep secret here sir. The greater the challenges before us, the more we draw upon latent resources that would have remained untapped and as though non-existent. Purpose is what helps us to draw on the latent resources in us. Goliath helps draw out the conqueror in David.

    Spiritually, we are drowsier and more liable to temptation when there is no challenge before us. I know it is true for me. David fell into temptation when he had time on his hands, when he should have been at war. Solomon had more time than David – never had to go to War like his father so he took polygamy/promiscuity to the nth degree.

    Jesus Christ said my Father worketh hitherto and I work.

    Thank you. My first time here and I like it. I came here through your wifey’s blog.

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