More Energy

For the very first time, I am publishing 2 posts not in a month, not even a week but the same day…

My wife and I are on a journey the next couple of days. From the South west to the North east, and then on to Glasgow for my brother-in-law’s graduation – small family reunion…

I just completed about 400 miles (640km) of driving – around 7 hours in total (in those days, it would only have taken about 5 – 6 hours…learnt to take it easy as a family man), and there is another 200 miles (3 hours) to go tomorrow – thankfully, I won’t be doing tomorrow’s driving!

I woke up early and could not go back to sleep, so I sorted out the items I would need for the next couple of days and prepared for the days work. I then completed the last post which was a few days due already.

Why did I wake up early and why could I not go back to sleep?

The answer is – I had so much to do today. I recognised that I was on a long drive. For some reason that I still I can not explain, I find this happening to me most times that I have a long day ahead.

Something kicks in in my system that infuses me with strength and energy. After the first 100 miles, I was not tired at all, as there were still 300 miles to go. Even after 200 miles, it was as if the journey was just starting!

This makes me remember, special days in my life e.g. my first day in the University, the first time I was travelling out of my country, and of course my wedding day.

The common theme to most of such days is that there was so much to do. I end up sleeping late on the previous day(s) and yet waking up early – full of energy and drive to go on on the d-day.

On the contrary, the days I do not have much to do, to even drive a mile is such a big do and a big problem. I am usually more tired on holidays than on days that there was much to do.

It just goes to show that the reason we are tired and weary is probably because we do not have much ahead of us – so there is no need for the body to supply any energy not to talk of extra energy. To have more energy, maybe we need to make big plans…

Paradigm Shift…Boy Driver!!!

I have read the famous paradigm shift story – a man on the tube on a Sunday morning with the children running around and disturbing everyone. The writer was angry and said “Sir, can you please caution your children?” To which the dad replied – totally oblivious to all that was happening around him – “I am sorry, we are just coming from the hospital, they just lost their mum”!

Instantly, the writer’s emotion and reaction changed from anger to empathy.

Recently, I had a very interesting experience. It was an unusually warm autumn evening, I pulled in into a filling station for fuel. I grabbed the nozzle and was almost through with my fueling when I heard the honking of the horn from a car a few pumps away.

Who will be using their horn around here, why now?

I was startled, surprised and miffed at the honking. I looked over my shoulders with a mixture of wonder and irritation – we are not in London where the horn goes off 2 seconds after the light turns green. And there were no black cabs around…

To my amazement, I saw a 4-5 year old boy behind the wheels of a people carrier. Obviously the parent (driver) had gone into the store to pay for the fuel, as such, there were 3 kids left alone in the vehicle.

The first honking was probably a mistake but once the boy realised what he could do behind the wheels, he honked again, looked at his siblings, laughed out loud, raised his hand in enjoyment of what wonders he was performing.

I do not know what exactly was going on in the car with the 3 kids but all of a sudden, the boy literarily sat on the horn and let it run for as long as he could.

Typically, it would have been a prolonged state of anger plus irritation if the person honking was an adult. But amazingly, I found myself smiling in wonder of what this boy was doing.

Obviously, it was not the noise pollution I was enjoying. Rather, it was more of sharing in the boy’s amazement. He was visibly enjoying the magic he just discovered how to perform.

To everybody else, it was annoying. However, I found myself change from the feeling of irritation to amusement in seconds.

As I left the filling station, it occurred to me that, I have control over how I feel, the situation not withstanding.

Was it because it was a boy and not an adult that I was not irritated? Next time an adult is messing up, can I see a boy behind the situation and will that give me a paradigm shift?

It is really not the situation but our interpretation of it…

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