What is Stopping You?

Hello everyone, it has been a while! Hope you had a great weekend – mine was full of sunshine. Today’s post is specially dedicated to you – yes, YOU…Let’s go on a brief journey of imagination, shall we?

I am yet to see a successful business man who did not fail at some point…
It may interest you to know that all the good and experienced drivers once stalled the engine while  learning to drive…
The great public speaker once had a fear of crowds…
Come to think of it, we all fell down a few times while learning to walk – or didn’t you?

The list goes on and on but the truth is that we will never overcome or
be successful at what we run away from
. Until we start on something, we never realise our potential in that area of life.

I bet there are some things you have put away for certain reasons; things you have left uncompleted for quite a while and now, you seem no longer interested in them…There may be qualifications (or other things) that you have always wished to achieve and/or have, but you never really pursued them.

The question now is “What is stopping you?”

You can only get better if, and only if, you start on that project…if for any reason you fail the first time, then at least, you have suceeded in learning what will not work, and you are already better positioned than the person who never tried.

START NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “What is Stopping You?

  1. this is very inspiring…it motivates me to just get up and do it…the longer I delay, the more I extend the completion date, right? God give me grace + strength…thanks Sheyeh…

  2. Fear is ‘safe’. It’s an easy way out. It’s a shell we can always hide under. Fear lowers our expectations and makes us mediocre. We don’t like facing our fears, so we hide in it.
    However, courage to be a doer isn’t easy, and nothing good comes easy.

    Change from fear to courage is hard. It can be difficult, but it’s always worth it and It rewards hard too. 🙂

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