The Great Battle

The Sun and the Wind once had a dispute over which of the two was greater, while arguing, they suddenly saw a man walking across an open field. The man had with him: a newspaper, his briefcase and coat – which he was wearing. They felt the man was a good opportunity for them to test their strengths, so they agreed that whoever was able to make the man take off his coat within 30 minutes wins.

The wind felt this was no big deal and opted to go first, to which the sun gladly agreed and off the wind went. It started blowing, gently at first, and then blew stronger and stronger but it could not get the man to remove his coat. Instead, the man was holding tightly to his paper, briefcase and coat. After some time, the wind became very angry at what the man was doing, so it decided to blow real strong. The more furious the wind became, the more forcefully it blew; but the more it blew forcefully, the more the man wrapped his coat around himself.

After 30 minutes of trying all sorts of wind speeds and varying wind directions, it was unable to get the man to remove his coat; it was time for the sun to try.

The sun decided to shine with a loving and joyful smile at the man and almost immediately, the man took off his coat.

The sun won the challenge!

LESSON: What force, fury and anger will not achieve can be achieved with love, joy, smile, patience and care.

Imbibe these virtues and see the difference they make…

Great week.