Are you a Good Driver?

Every car is fitted with a rear view mirror and 2 side mirrors, have you ever wondered why? The rear view mirror gives the driver a view of his rear and the side mirrors complement the work of the rear-view mirror. Every car has its rear view mirror located in the centre of the windshield, and the mirror is sized to prevent obstructing the drivers front view but big enough to capture everything happening behind him through the “eye” of the rear windscreen.

Let us imagine for a moment, cars without rear-view mirrors, how convenient will it be to driver cars? How will the driver know what is happening behind the car? How will the driver be able to drive and manoeuvre the car effectively?

Can you imagine what will happen to a car that is going forward but the driver has chosen to turn his head and look through the rear windscreen as he moves forward? Disaster!


As amazing as this illustration may sound, that is what a lot of people actually do with their lives! They are moving forward, thriving and making progress but have their heads turned around, looking back.

While some are wallowing in regret, self pity, shame, disappointment, devastation and despair, others are glued to their past success, achievements and awards. When you hold on tight to the past, whether it was a positive or negative experience, you are like the driver described above.

The past should only be a form of reference (rear view mirror) and not your focus (looking into the rear windscreen). A good driver looks into the rear view mirror regularly but is not looking back while driving forward. We all have issues, situations, events and occurrences that whenever we remember, cause us grief, sorrow, regrets, or joy, and gladness.

However, if it is true that you can not succeed in going forward by looking backward, then it is time for us to become good drivers. Break away from your past (if negative), don’t dwell too long on past successes… move on!


6 thoughts on “Are you a Good Driver?

  1. really good point…i think looking back is part of the human nature..we just have to find a way to make our retrospecting the size of the car rear-view mirror..

  2. Hhhhmm I may agree with u to some extent but I also believe that wen u r in a difficult situation which cms like it is having no end and u look back on ur success u r kind of encouraged to hold on.And think if it was done in d past it cud be done again. Looking at my past acheivements gvs me a ray of hope to holding on in difficult situations.

  3. hey Teegirl, I agree with u there; but I believe what Sheyeh is talking about here is FOCUSING (rather than just looking back) on past achievements/successes, so long that it hinders any more advancement…abi Sheyeh? lol…

  4. teegirl, justdoyin:

    You are both right…getting inspiration to move forward from past successes is like checking the rear view mirror and that is perfectly right and different from the person that holds on tightly to past successes…and would not look forward.

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