Where have they all gone?

kids photot

I called my uncle over the weekend and his daughter picked up the phone. Our conversation went thus:

Me: “Hello”

Cousin: “Hello, who am I speaking with?”

Me: “My name is Seye”

Cousin: “Hello Uncle, how are you?”

Me: “Am great, how are you and your sisters?”

Cousin: “They are fine, do you want to speak with anybody?”

Me: “Yes, I ‘ll like to speak with Dad” – my uncle

By this time, she was close to her dad and gave him the phone. While the phone was in transit, I could hear him say: “No, he does not want to speak with anybody”.

As I spoke with my uncle who was laughing about what his daughter had just done, asking if I wanted to speak with anybody…(so why was I calling?), I told him about a similar experience I had about 25 years ago…

My older cousin was in the room when the land phone rang and it was his call. I went to tell him the call was for him and he said I should tell the caller he was sleeping. Can you guess what I did? I went back to the phone and said: “He said he is sleeping!”

The two stories show the innocence and transparency of kids. They are very uncomplicated about life. They take it easy and keep it simple. As we grow older, we seem to loose all these traits (innocence, simplicity etc). Why? Where have they all gone?

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Where have they all gone?

  1. I wonder myself…but I think it’s just a natural process…children r like that; simple, innocent, trusting etc…but as we grow older n mature, we tend to get more worldly-wise as well, and thus begins the complications; we analyse every thing, read undue meanings into things, begin to fabricate/falsify stuff, etc…We need God’s touch to be able to redeem our simplicity and innocence and trusting nature…

  2. Where are they all gone? Loss of innocence is a result of influence. Influence comes from the environment basically which includes friends, family, experiences, education, philosophies, media, church……the list is endless. The more a child grows, the more he realises he has to change in his perceptions in order to prevent himself from hurt. I’ll give an example, a mother promises her son a football if he does well in school. The boy works so hard and excels only for the mother to give a flimsy excuse and not fulfil her promise. The boy then learns to NOT believe people anymore when they make promises to him. Simple as that is, it may form the background for the boy’s distrusting attitude as an adult. While growing up, it was a big crime in my house to tell a lie, we all naturally learnt NEVER to lie under any circumstance. As a young adult, my first shock was to find out that majority of people were not honest, I had to learn in a hard way to always think twice peradventure I was being lied to.
    However as Seye rightly pointed out, we need to return to the innocence of a child especially if we wish to function correctly in the “kingdom”….let the children come unto me………of such is the kingdom. No wonder we have to be BORN again……..become a child again.
    To balance up, there is still a place for wisdom which a child may not be able to display as much as an adult. However the key is that our wisdom must always pass the “SOURCE” test. By that I mean always ask the question “What is the source of this wisdom I am applying? Is it the flesh(ego, lust&pride), the devil or God Himself”. Wisdom is still the principal thing.

  3. hahaha…..the innocence of kids, its unfortunate that we shed that as we grow older. The kid repeats verbatim what he/she has been told, years later, the kid perfects in the act of covering up for the person and making excuses for why the person cant come to the phone.

    where have they gone? they have been stolen by the ills that has befallen our society

  4. “…do you want to speak with anybody?” Hmmm, “…who do you want to speak with?” many of us will ‘presume’ the response ought to be; but then, let’s think a little farther……

    ….how many times have we gone to God with a request, yet, we knew not what we wanted? Do you know ‘everybody’ wants to be ‘rich’ yet, am almost certain there are so many who will not know what to do (with it) if they were given a million dollars?

    So, fseye she just might have (actually) known what she said when she asked; “…do you want to speak with anybody?”

  5. Interesting illustration. LOL @ “do you want to speak with anybody?”
    The above responses made by JustDoyin,Niyioski,Naijagirl and rethots,are also on point.
    Well, I believe it is just a natural process.

    “The innocent and the beautiful Have no enemy but time” – William Butler Yeats

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