Just One More…

The punch that knocks out an opponent in a boxing match is not necessarily the first one.

The hammer that drives the nail into the wood is not always at the first hit.

The pull that brings down the mighty wall may as well not be the first one.

A baby does not usually perfect learning to walk on the first trial.

boxerThis is not in anyway to undermine  the effect of the “FIRST”, but just to stress the importance of one more trial or attempt. Usually it takes one more…Punch to bring down the opponent, Hammering to drive in the nail, Attempt to keep walking as a learning baby, Dash to win the race.

It has always been easy and will always be easier to give in and not try one more time. But the much-desired victory might as well be in the next trial. If only you know how close you are to getting there, then you will know that quitting is not an option.

The battle is hottest when it is about over. When next you feel like giving up on your dreams, visions and goals, just remember… ONE MORE…


16 thoughts on “Just One More…

  1. yeah, life is more about that one last attempt. I just wonder how many people will get patient enough to hit the last blow. the key lesson here is to keep at it till we succeed.
    I recently read a statistics about sales people that 80% of sales are made after the 5th call but only 20% of sales people get to make that call.

  2. Nice one. We all need that staying power. Almost like saying ”The day is darkest when it’s about to break”

  3. True words!!
    but in addition to this, I believe the punch has to be a good punch. There’s no point throwing bad punches. No point hitting with the wrong hammer. No point pulling with a little rope.

  4. Seye,
    Welldone on the birth of the new dieemptyseries blog. Vision is progressive. This is definitely a step forward. I see what impact Doyin has made on you….lol. Nice one!!
    Can you add my email for subscription please?

  5. justdoyin, Albert, Oga Uzzy, Danny, and Ochuko

    Thank you very much for taking time out to visit my blog, read the posts and for leaving comments.

    We have got to stay at it, ensure the punches are good ones (don’t be caught punching except you are a pro boxer…lol), hammer is right and nail size is correct.


    Yes o, thanks man. You were there when it all started and you have come this far…I give you the “just one more” award for reading one more post… and following through all these years! Congrats!


  6. It brings to mind Mary Mary’s song, ‘I just can’t give up now’. Most especially the phrase that says, “…no one told me the road won’t and i don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me….”

    However, truth be told; ’tis always much more seemingly easy to just give up NOW.

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  8. it took me this long to read this but I appreciate it cos I needed the words–one more dash, one more try, one more hit, just one more. thanks and thanks for stopping by my blog. Had to google your name to find your blog

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