7 thoughts on “Talking about Joint Accounts

  1. I don’t think I have anything to add to this…already well said…Joint account or not, a couple must first be open, honest, and trusting of one another…other things can follow…

  2. dun kno..but still gat some mix feelingsbout joint account..would rather we kip separate accounts n have a joint direct debit account from where bills are paid from…love freedom….she works for her though ..she ‘s got the right to do it her way…only that she’s got to do it right….

  3. justdoyin and babatunde

    Thanks for letting us into your thoughts. Not sure we can all agree on joint account or not but am sure we do on the matters of trust, transparency and openness…like you said, it has got to be done right.
    Hope to read more of your comments in th efuture posts.


  4. Hmmm, joint account???
    This could be a very tricky one most especially when the two do not have the same ideas for ‘frivolities’. That said, to say a couple ought to have trust (to me, is a none issue). How does one walk the aisle without absolute trust in the other whom one walk with?

    • I agree it is indeed a tricky topic… I will say sensitive as well. it might interest you to know that not all couples know enough about the other party and trust is an issue in some homes! However, I love your view that if you are walking down the aisle, then trust should be a non issue.

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