Just One More…

The punch that knocks out an opponent in a boxing match is not necessarily the first one.

The hammer that drives the nail into the wood is not always at the first hit.

The pull that brings down the mighty wall may as well not be the first one.

A baby does not usually perfect learning to walk on the first trial.

boxerThis is not in anyway to undermine  the effect of the “FIRST”, but just to stress the importance of one more trial or attempt. Usually it takes one more…Punch to bring down the opponent, Hammering to drive in the nail, Attempt to keep walking as a learning baby, Dash to win the race.

It has always been easy and will always be easier to give in and not try one more time. But the much-desired victory might as well be in the next trial. If only you know how close you are to getting there, then you will know that quitting is not an option.

The battle is hottest when it is about over. When next you feel like giving up on your dreams, visions and goals, just remember… ONE MORE…


Will Power

determinationEven though, she is over 85, she is still very strong, agile, sharp and sound in mind. It’s amazing how she recollects information with so much precision and accuracy. She ensures that everyone she comes in contact with is better off than when they met her. A kind hearted and loving mother of all, who shoulders responsibilities that she needs not, everyone, loves her and she brings so much joy and hope.

One of her beliefs is that even though she is old, she is “young”; she does not have to be dependent on any one and will like to do her things by herself. She loves being active: walking around and doing small gardening and it was on one of such occasions that she fell and broke her hip bone. That was the last thing anyone wished for such a woman.

To say that the entire family was devastated was an understatement, her children, grandchildren, in-laws, friends and acquaintances were all around her to support and help her through the period. She was taken to the hospital where the doctors were very helpful and caring; one would think that she was their mother going by the attention she commanded in the ward throughout her stay in the hospital.

After the initial medical attention and treatment, she was admitted and scheduled for an operation to fix the broken hip bone. How well does the bone of an over 85 grow and what were the chances of the legs being successfully corrected? I am sure you do not have to be a medical person to know that the bones don’t grow and heal easily and readily at that age as compared to if she were younger. Prior to this event, she had been on medication for years for diabetes and other age related treatments, which may or may not affect the operation.

The Doctors gave their opinion and offered pieces of advice. All was set for the operation and on the eve of the D-day, while one of her daughters was speaking with her, she said: “I am not going to die now, no, not with this accident, even if I will die, it will be after successfully going through the operation and I will sure return home well and alright”. Did she? Of course, she did, with walking aids though. She had to use aids and go for Physiotherapy lessons to perfect her walking. However, she recovered so fast that everyone including the medical team were stunned.

It has been over 3 years since the operation and she is still growing stronger by the day. As I ponder over the story of this great and wonderful woman, I see someone whose will and determination overcame nature (in a sense) and her limitation. This story and others around you (yes, around you if you will think deeply) are proofs that indeed “Will is more important than fact”.

There is something inside every man and woman, call it will, desire, drive, determination or doggedness: irrespective of what it is called, that is what God has given us to overcome defeats, difficulties, disaster, set backs and also reach for our potential. When a man/woman makes up his/her mind, there is usually no stopping him/her. The amazing thing is that some people are yet to acknowledge the fact that they have this great power, while others often forget.

• God has given you and I the power of will and He respects our will – power
• How far we go in life is a function of how much we are willing to
• Human will is more powerful than facts as shown in the story above
• The world has a lot of people that have little or no will but know all the facts and are going nowhere
• Action is a great way to “prime” your will – knowing is not enough, you have to act
• To do what you have always wanted to do but have not been doing, you may need to tap into your will power

Are there areas of your life that need some action/activity? Have you been living your life based on people’s opinions, comments, facts and “You can not do it”? Have you been limited by facts and data?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then it is time to confront those issues and areas knowing that there is a deposit of resources in you. Your will, determination and drive based on God’s backing are more than enough.

Don’t settle for less!


My first Car

carsAfter a long day or do I say night at work, I closed around 7:30a.m. and the next Engineer came in to take over. It was quite an eventful night as there were link tests to monitor – I mean Satellite links oh! Good enough, the tests were clean – no errors, so it was good news for the morning shift and the field guys.

I prepared my hand over notes, signed out and was happy to be out of the office. It was particularly good for me because I was not amongst those struggling to get into the Island –VI; on the contrary, I was actually going against the traffic, so I was sure of a smooth ride/flight on 3rd Mainland Bridge. I boarded a bus – typical Lagos “danfo” from “Eko” Hotel roundabout to “Obalende” and took a “connecting flight” of another bus from “Obalende” to “Ketu”. Apologies to non-Lagosians.

The second “flight” was like business class because there was so much space on board – the ratio of people going out of the Island at that time of the morning to those coming in, was more like 1:10 (hope that is not an exaggeration). I looked to the other side of the road and could only pity people that were sweating in the traffic that stretched from “Obalende” to “Gbagada” end of the bridge.

By that time, the “Gbagada” – “Alapere” end was free as most of the Island workers were now stock in the Gbagada – Obalende stretch. I had paid my fares and was only waiting to get home and crash on the bed. An elderly man got on board at “Alapere” and the moment he came in, he reminded me of my dad that was about 130 km away, and I just could not get the man off my mind. At that time of the day, the stretch between “Alapere” and “Ketu” was less than 10 minutes and shortly after he entered the purser (conductor) asked the man for his fares, I instinctively paid with the change I had from the conductor.

The man was surprised and asked why I had done that, he was obviously one of those educated folks that had served their country and should be relaxing, enjoying his pension and recounting his active days, but it did not look like the society/Country had or was treating him well at that time. Anyway, I had paid and just told him he was old enough to be my dad. He showed his appreciation and must have prayed for me.

We landed in “Ketu” and a boarded an Okada (not Okada Airways!) to Magodo gate where I was going to have to connect another Okada to the house. While on the first Okada, my phone started ringing and it was my friend – Ope. Going by the number of transits and connections, am sure you will agree with me that a car would be good for the boy! While in the air/on the road (…depending on how you see it), in the midst of the wind and everything, I picked the call and could not hear him properly cause of the wind.

As soon as I got down, I returned his call and he told me of a car that was for sale by one of his colleagues. I remembered one of my Pastors then (Pastor Wale) sharing a testimony of how he got his car then for half the price and the car was clean as we would say. I tapped into that and was expectant. Prior to this day, I had tried fruitlessly to get a car, I was very close to a particular one after borrowing from my mum – when I should be the one giving her then oh! Thank God for mothers. I got there and was told the car just went. Just like that? God dey!

I went over to his office and as I entered the compound my eyes were fixed on a grey Benz. It looked ok but I had to see him first to be sure it was the car for sale, else I start liking a car that was not for sale. To cut the story short, I spoke with the owner and took my brother’s mechanic there, who said the car was good, this, this and that. We agreed on a price and I took the cash (thank God there was no incident on my way!) to the man’s office. His bank was just opposite his office, we went over to the bank where I paid and became a car owner – my first car oh. Halleluyah!

So what informed this story that happened about 6 year ago?

This morning, I left the house with the intention of counting my blessings and not the challenges/problems which was the topic during devotion. As I was driving/travelling to work (I actually travel to work daily, thank God for safe trips), a lot of topics raced through my mind and I felt like sharing them with the world, this story was just one of them and it occurred to me that it is a perfect continuation of my last post. What lessons can we learn from the story?

  • Many times, we feel we know what is good for us when in fact we don’t, we must remember that God has better plans. So if you are experiencing a delay now, don’t fret. It’s on the way and God has a better plan
  • God will use people around you and may also want you to be the help another person needs, be prepared and don’t be selfish
  • There will never be a time that you will have it all and are not needing a thing, the difference is in knowing that God has it all worked out and planned. Don’t let go. Don’t fret. Hold on to your desires. Know that God is faithful
  • If He cares for the sparrows, I mean birds, He cares for you more than you know
  • God is ABLE to do exceedingly, abundantly ABOVE all you can ever ask or think
  • When God does it, it is easy and not stressful at all. It comes cheap and you wonder why all the “wahala” and stress self (another post on this latter). I am sure a lot of you can bear witness to this
  • I sowed a seed by paying the old man’s fares and got an offer for a car – what I had been pursing and seriously needed. It was a good bargain for the value – more like half the market price of the car
  • Let us learn to give, and sow seeds. Remember the “less privilege”. Don’t trust your judgement or memory. Join a charity (or start one) and initiate a standing order or direct debit. A monthly contribution of as small as £5, $10 or even 1000 Naira will save a life and on that day, someone will come around and say, you feed and clothed me. How nice it will be.

Have a blessed day.