Does it really make any difference?

diffcSeeds are full of potentials, and are very powerful. The forest we see is a product of trees and the trees are the products of seeds that were planted. Without a seed there can be no tree and ultimately, no forest.

Whatever you sow you will reap. The harvest you have today is a product of the seeds that you sowed yesterday. Everyday is an opportunity for you and I to sow new seeds, being fully aware that today’s seeds are tomorrow’s harvest.

When we talk about seeds, it does not only refer to finances but also include everything we do and do not do. Every act of kindness, love, giving, hatred, jealousy, lies, and wickedness, is a seed. According to God’s law, everything that is planted will grow and produce fruit(s), whether we pray or not. The earlier we started aligning ourselves with this law, the better for us.

Therefore, we need to remember the hungry, thirsty, naked and homeless around us and around the world. Victims of war, natural disasters and the children of the world are crying out for our help. If you are like me, you probably have plans of building hospitals, schools, houses etc. The question is “when?” Someone is saying “when I have the money”. But do you know that there are agencies and organisations that are established solely to raise money to feed the hungry, provide water and accommodation for the groups referred to as “less privileged”?

All I am saying is that you do not need to wait for that time when you can build this and that. A monthly donation of $10 for example, will go a long way. And before you say “What difference does that make?”…to someone out there, it makes all the difference…in fact, it means the world.

So what are you waiting for? You can make a positive difference in someone’s life today, by going online and locating a charity around you that is actively involved in making life better for people. Why don’t you join one of them and stop waiting for the big break. Who knows, that step might actually be the door to the big break that you have been waiting for.

PS: You can read more about the charity organizations referred to above, using the links below (this list is not in any way exhaustive);


4 thoughts on “Does it really make any difference?

  1. Seye love this. After all the Bible says ‘in paraphrase’ cast ur bread upon many waters for you will find it after many days… He who observes d wind will nt sow and he who regards d clouds will not reap. In d morning sow ur seed and at evenning withold not your hand, for u do not know which will prosper this or that, or whether both alike wiil be good.
    So what r we waiting lets or make a difference and stop waiting for the big break. For he who is faithful in little will be entrusted with much. The Lord is our Strength.

  2. just doyin: Thanks for your comments.

    Teegirl: Thanks for your comment. You actually preached you know… good to read another perspective to the subject…hope you’ll keep returning and give us more of your insight.


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